DUI Lawyer

We all know that under the federal and state laws it is illegal to drive any vehicle while under the influence of any drug including alcohol. But, mistakes happen and many are faced with the offense known as Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and its enforcement varies from state to state though the basics are generally similar. The crime happens when one drives or operates a motor vehicle while they are under the influence of alcohol or drugs such that their mental and motor skills are impaired. It is estimated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that a third of the total road deaths are caused by alcohol related accidents hence DUI is treated as a serious offense in all states.

The penalties for DUI can be light or punitive depending on the incident one was involved in. If one is involved in an injury or death causing incident or if it is not the first DUI offense one is charged with, the penalties can be punitive. The penalties also vary from state to state but the most common ones include a fine, automatic license revocation (sometimes some jail time is included), confiscation of license plates, immobilization or impoundment of the vehicle, jail times, mandatory installation of an interlock device, issuance of special license plates or mandatory attendance of a diversion program among others. DUI cases are handled by criminal attorneys who have specialized in DUI laws.

Due to the complications and the ever changing DUI laws, only a skilled DUI attorney can help one to defend themselves if charged with the crime. The ordeal will start immediately you are pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. DUI attorneys recommend cooperation with the officers in carrying out the sobriety tests to avoid harsher penalties. In case you are accused of breaking the law, contact your lawyer immediately and do not accept the charges. The attorney will advise you accordingly and ensure everything is done in the right way from the point of arrest henceforth.

When you are arrested for DUI related crimes, an attorney will come in aid by employing the legal expertise they have in the court proceedings. They are aware of your specific rights regarding DUI charges and they are also used to face judges and prosecutors in similar cases. They will help you to analyze the case and form strategies to defend you against the prosecution. A DUI lawyer will defend you and work hard to win the case. The lawyer will employ all the tactics learned from years of experiance and try to secure a release, prevent license revocation, agitate for reduced fines and ask for lesser jail time or for fewer charges.

Since the burden of proof entirely lies with the prosecutor, a DUI attorneys will cross examine the arresting officer in a bid to cast doubt of your guilt. This is important because if the jury differs in their ruling then you are free. If you are found guilty, a DUI lawyer will make a great deal on the severity of your sentence. At the same time, an attorney will give you a distinct advantage because they are familiar with the judges and the prosecutors who try these cases. It is therefore important to have a good and qualified lawyer who is experienced in DUI cases.

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