Atlanta AttorneyNo matter the extent of the misstep you may have taken, big or small, guilty or wrongfully accused, the attorneys from believe your life is valued and that your situation is unique and requires an effective legal team to defend your future.

We recognize that not everyone is perfect and everyone should and must have their rights protected with a solid legal defense given them to the full extent available under the law. Our team in Atlanta Georgia are defense specialists whom are committed to working together with you and getting you the most favorable outcome possible.

  • We understand Georgia and federal law and excel in all areas protecting our clients.
  • Area judges and prosecutors know our team of attorneys and understand their commitment and dedication to defend their clients. They understand and respect our devotion to tirelessly protect your rights even if you are guilty of the crime that you have been charged with.
  • The defense lawyers from have earned the reputation in Georgia of putting forth an expert and committed effort to gain the desired outcomes for all our clients charged with a crime or DUI violation.

It is important to remember that even if you are guilty of the crime that you are charged with it is NOT advisable for you to show up to court and accept those charges. Pleading guilty could wave all the rights that are given to you under the law. Take advantage of our free consultation before you make a mistake or plead guilty. It is commendable to be remorseful of your mistakes but you need not face a more harsh punishment because you are willing to take responsibility for your mistake. Don’t be bullied by eager prosecuting attorneys and accept a harsher consequence for your mistakes than you should! Call and consult with an attorney that can shield you from the stress and details of what could be a very complicated process and challenge to face alone.

DUI LawyerNeed a Free Consultation with One of Our Atlanta DUI Attorneys to preserve your driving privileges or worse?

Schedule your free consultation right now to discuss with you the detail of how they will construct a case around YOUR distinctive situation and then defend you from the harsh State of Georgia mandated DUI penalties. They can then discuss with you all the different defense tactics that might apply to your situation. They understand that a DUI conviction can place a lasting smear on your record. Gain someone on your side to work tirelessly to lessen those charges and penalties as much as possible. We have selected a team that has compassion and a readiness to defend you during this difficult time. The Defense team of DUI lawyers are considered the best in this region that will use professionalism and determination to fight on your behalf during these challenging court proceedings.

Professional Protection is offered in these Criminal Defense Areas:

  • Assaults
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  • DUI defense, DWI and Traffic Violations Defense
  • Expungement
  • Federal Crimes
  • Internet Crimes
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