Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

When you have suffered an injury as a result of an accident, the sooner you contact an accident injury attorney the better. The days after the accident are when the most information can be gathered to help with your case, your memory of the incident is most clear and your Atlanta attorney has the resources to work quickly and make certain your claim is valid and supports your injury. Here are some reasons for hiring an accident lawyer as soon as possible:

Gathering Important Information
The days after your accident, important information that could help sway a jury in your favor is literally disappearing. When you hire a professional accident lawyer, they will send out their own accident investigators as quickly as possible to take pictures at the scene, make video, take measurements, and follow-up with eye witnesses to gather additional testimonials. All of this information is key when piecing together the details of your case, and presenting a substantial settlement offer to the insurance company.

The Best Possible Medical Help
Once you have the best accident attorney working on your behalf, they will send you to the best possible physicians in their respective fields. You will receive treatment and consultations from the best in the industry, and their medical evaluation will help to confirm the settle offer your attorney has put together. Once of the reasons it is so important to work with an accident attorney is that if the case does go to trial, the evaluations from these respected physicians goes a long way in convincing a judge and jury of your injuries.

Protecting Your Long-Term Future
When you consult with an accident attorney, they will begin constructing a settlement case that does more than simply provide you a lump of money to pay medical bills. Your attorney is going to painstakingly go through the process, including reimbursement for all your medical costs, your pain and suffering, your loss of work, and most importantly, your ability to earn in the future. if the injuries are significant and permanent, you will not be able to provide for your family as you have, so your lawyer will make certain that the settlement protects you long into the future.

As soon as you have been injured in an accident, the clock is ticking on evidence and testimonials. Eye witnesses tend to forget things the longer time has passed. The sooner you have your attorney on the case, the more rock solid your settlement claim will be.

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