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Divorce Lawyers

Family Law and Atlanta Divorce Attorney | Child Custody

When your family is facing the challenges of divorce and child custody cases, you want a professional and sympathetic Atlanta lawyer that will protect both your financial and emotional interests. Being able to navigate these difficult waters without the painful ordeal of unwarranted litigation is one area our attorneys excel.

Working with our choice group of attorneys in Atlanta GA, you receive a compassionate and dedicated commitment to making this process as painless as possible for everyone involved, especially the children. We listen carefully to your concerns and focus on providing for your future on YOUR terms.

Give our family law experts the opportunity to protect your financial resources while dealing with the complicated family issues that arise in these type cases.

Atlanta Criminal Lawyers

Atlanta Criminal Defence Attorney and Atlanta DUI Lawyer

Have you made a mistake or been wrongfully accused?

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Missteps can happen, and we understand! You need an attorney standing by YOUR SIDE that has a firm understanding of the law and extensive experience of the legal system in Atlanta.

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Real Estate Closing Attorneys

Corporate and Business Law, Real Estate Attorney Atlanta

Are YOU:

  • Closing on Real Estate?
  • Starting a new Business?
  • Facing a Foreclosure Action?
  • Seeking Business advice or guidance on a civil action?

Our expert real estate attorneys and corporate attorneys have extensive experience in dealing with cases involving starting new businesses, selling an existing company, and providing corporate legal advice. You need a knowledgeable and experienced legal business adviser that is dedicated to understanding YOUR needs pertaining to YOUR business.

We take the time to get to understand your unique situation and then utilize the power of a professional legal group in dealing with: title insurance defense, real estate closings, construction insurance, business contracts, corporate law, stop foreclosure proceedings, creditor issues, bankruptcy cases, and business litigation. Don’t try to navigate these extremely complicated legal issues alone, call today and let one of our Atlanta legal experts advise you how to proceed safely.